Replay System Availability – September

Lecture Capture - Replay Service

Scheduled maintenance 3 September 2015

On Thursday 3 September the Replay system will be unavailable between 8am-10am for a minor upgrade. The anticipated downtime will be around 30 minutes, but the system should be considered unavailable for the two hour window.

Bulk deletion of 21 September 2015

On Tuesday 21 September 2015 the Replay system will be unavailable for up to one hour in the morning (8am-9am) as part of our bulk deletion of 2013-14 Timetabled Lecture Captures as per our retention policy. Users will not be able to access any recordings or upload recordings during this window. All 2013-14 Timetable Lecture Captures will be irretrievably deleted, please see my previous blog post on downloading archival copies.

After 9am all other captures will be available to view and you will be able to upload new recordings.

Apologies for any inconvenience. We try to do all our work in vacations, which is why Replay has had advertised maintenance a few times over the Summer Vacation. Since our August upgrade, the system is operating at a much faster processing speed which means lectures will be made available to students quicker after the session and staff will find page loading in the Admin Interface quicker too.

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