Replay Lecture Capture – Plans for an institutional licence from Autumn 2016

Lecture Capture - Replay Service

Moving to an institutional licence for Replay lecture capture

The University is looking to expand and improve its central lecture recording provision to meet an increasing level of  demand from academic departments.  The Replay Steering Group is leading a tender exercise to identify a supplier to support a full institutional service, offering automated recording of lectures in all teaching venues where it is required across the University.  The tender process will be completed by December 2015 and we are aiming to establish a full institutional service from Autumn 2016, with our chosen supplier partnering with us in a contract running up until 2020.

The Replay Timetabled Lecture Capture service is currently supported in 40 rooms across campus, and our provision is capped at that level in line with our licence agreement with Echo360. We also support other recording options such as Personal Capture, but recognise that in order to satisfy increasing demand from academic departments we will need to equip more rooms in the future with automated recording facilities. With new teaching venues under development such as the International Foundation College on Heslington East and the new Teaching and Learning building on Heslington West where lecture recording facilities will be required, combined with existing academic departments wishing to extend their recording activities to cover final-year classes in smaller venues (e.g. seminar classes), we anticipate increasing pressure on our service provision.  We cannot afford to stand still and now is therefore the right time to look to equip a larger number of rooms with lecture recording facilities. Ultimately our aim is to offer an end-to-end system for staff and students, which will be flexible enough to meet our current and future learning and teaching requirements.

For clarification, the move to institutional provision of lecture capture does not mean the University has taken a decision to require all lectures to be recorded. As exists currently, Departments and lecturers will still need to request sessions to be recorded through our opt-in service model. Institutional provision addresses anticipated future demand and recognises that an automated institutional recording  service, if it can be made available across the University,  will offer many benefits to staff and students, improving the reliability of recordings, removing the administrative overheads a manual recording system might require.

Further details about Replay Lecture Capture

Tender process and key dates

The University’s Supplies Office is guiding the Replay steering group in this procurement exercise. We have adopted a two-stage restricted procurement model. In June an advertisement was placed in the Open Journal of the European Union with the contract notice. Twelve companies expressed an interest in the tender and nine went on to complete a pre-qualifying questionnaire. From this number five companies have been invited to submit responses to the full specification of requirements for the lecture capture system. These companies have until the end of July to submit their responses. The submissions will then be scored and the most promising submissions that address the key requirements will be shortlisted, with companies then invited on campus in September to demonstrate their solution. At this point the Replay Steering Group will invite staff and student representatives to get involved.

Tender Activity Date
Invitation to tender issued to companies 25th June 2015
Tender return date 31st July 2015
Short Listing and invitation to companies to present on campus August 2015
Demonstrations on campus (all staff and student representatives invited) September 2015
Contact award December 2015
Launch of full institutional lecture capture system October 2016

How you can feed into the tender process

All staff will be welcome to attend the  presentations by the shortlisted vendors in September and further information will be circulated in due course via Departmental VLE Coordinators. This will provide you with an opportunity to see the different recording services on show and to comment on their suitability to support your academic practice and teaching requirements. The scoring panel from the Replay Steering Group will solicit feedback from staff and students to help inform thinking on the best solution for the University of York.

To keep up to date with developments, please sign up to the Replay News mailing list.

Governance for the tender exercise

The Replay Steering Group is the body overseeing the Replay tender process. The Steering Group is comprised of representatives from three academic departments, with members also drawn from central services including the Audio Visual Centre, Timetabling, IT Services and the E-Learning Development Team. The Group is chaired by the Lecture Recording Coordinator.

The Steering Group  approved a final statement of requirements that was issued to vendors at the end of June. A sub-group of members from  the Steering Group participate in the Tender Assessment Panel,  which is led by the University’s Supplies Office. At the end of the tender process, the Replay Steering Group will make a recommendation to University Teaching Committee on a preferred  institutional service supplier. University Teaching Committee will have the final say in approving any  recommendation made by the Replay Steering Group.

Key contact

If you have any questions or comments about the move to institutional provision of lecture capture, please contact James Youdale, Lecture Recording Coordinator:

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