Replay Annual Deletion – 2013-14 Scheduled Captures

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Video files are big. Really big. As such, we can’t keep hold of everything forever, so each year we do a clean out of old lecture recordings. As per our our retention policy [PDF], Timetabled Lecture Captures are available for the subsequent academic year. After that time they are deleted automatically. For the vast majority of recordings, students will use them during their study on the module, so their utilisation by the end of the subsequent academic year has dropped considerably.

Personal Captures are different. These recordings may be for introductions to modules, showing software, addressing specific problems or common topics that could be reused in subsequent years, so we do not include these in the deletion process.

Deleting 2013/14 academic year captures

As advertised in our last E-Learning Newsletter, all Timetabled Lecture Captures from the 2013/14 academic year (for our purposes this is all recordings made prior to 1 August 2014) will be irretrievably deleted during the week commencing 24 August 2015.

If you are a lecturer you can check to see if you have made recordings during the 2013/14 academic year by logging into the Replay Admin Interface.

Some recordings that will not be deleted may be unavailable during this week, and we’ll provide more information about this nearer the time.

Keeping old recordings

There may be occasions where you had a guest speaker or one-off event that will have continued value to students or has been provided publicly using the Replay system. We may be able to preserve these captures. Please ensure you notify me (at of any of these recordings before 17 August 2015.

If there are recordings that you wish to keep, you can download an archive copy and store these yourself.

I’d recommend downloading to your C:\ drive, rather than your network space as it probably won’t have the capacity for the downloads of your lecture captures. Just be aware that your hard drive is not a secure location, so you may want to encrypt your download folder. Take a look at this video guide for how to do this. The IT Support Office will also be able to advise.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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