Free course: Web accessibility MOOC for Educators

It is a legal responsibility to produce learning resources that are to be delivered online in an “accessible” format. This is to ensure that all students are not disadvantaged and have an equal opportunity to learn, regardless of physical disability or any other barriers that they may encounter. While we always work hard to ensure that our systems meet accessibility standards and push vendors to continue to maintain these, much of the responsibility for this comes down to individual academics and support staff who produce material.

Accessibility considerations are something that we will always try to embed in all of our advice and best practice examples but if you want to know more about this subject then this Free  MOOC from the US may be of interest. Although some of the finer details of legal requirements may be slightly different the core principles and standards should be applicable to UK HE. Please note that the MOOC has yet to run (July 20th – August 24 2015); while it looks interesting we cannot vouch for its quality or accuracy. We’ll be learning at the same time as you!


MOOC details and enrollment.

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