Replay Indicator Light Pilot

Swirly red, orange and green lights

Lecturers in our three most regularly used Replay rooms will have noticed there is something new atop the lectern.

We are currently piloting an indicator light this term to let lecturers know when their lecture is being recorded with the Replay Timetable Lecture Capture service. If you are teaching in B/B/006, C/A/101 or PS/B/020, you’ll see the Replay indicator light.

The light indicator shows:

  • RED: recording in progress
  • GREEN (flash): processing/uploading
  • OFF: not recording

If you have a scheduled capture and the light doesn’t show, or doesn’t behave as expected, please do let us know. We would very much welcome your comments on whether you have found the light useful or not, via the usual Replay Feedback Form.

Thanks to the AV Centre for developing this.

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