Replay Update – Changes to start/end times

Lecture Capture - Replay Service

Replay Timetabled Lecture Captures will now start at 4 minutes past the start time stated on the University Timetable (i.e. xx:04 or xx:34) and finish 2 minutes prior to the end time stated on the University Timetable (i.e. xx:57 or xx:27). This is effective immediately.

We hope this change will:

  • Improve capture reliability for back-to-back recorded sessions.
  • Reduce the need to skip over the start of the session when watching back.
  • Reduce editing out any preparation/file navigation at the start of sessions.
  • Avoid capturing previous over-running lectures.

These times will be updated soon in the weekly email reminders lecturers receive, until then you may see the timetabled slot times instead.


A one-hour timetabled slot for a standard 50 minute lecture, as per University Timetabling Principles.

Heslington West

  • Timetable start time: 09:00
  • Recording start time: 09:04
  • Lecture start time: 09:05
  • Lecture stop time: 09:55
  • Recording stop time: 09:57
  • Timetable end time: 09:59

Heslington East

  • Timetable start time: 09:30
  • Recording start time: 09:34
  • Lecture start time: 09:35
  • Lecture stop time: 10:25
  • Recording stop time: 10:27
  • Timetable end time: 10:29

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