York E-Learning Newsletter – January 2015

In this edition:

  • Show and Tell: E-Marking & Feedback
  • Online submission: things to include in your guidance to students
  • E-Exam: Computers replace exam desks
  • Collaborate: Online seminars and student virtual spaces
  • Our conference activities: Durham and Loughborough
  • Recognition for your e-learning practice: a York CMALT network
  • Training and workshops: getting started and getting primed

Show and Tell: E-Marking & Feedback

  • Wednesday 25 Feb (Week 8), D/L/036

With our recent expansion of wholly online assignment submission at York, electronic marking and feedback has become a hot topic. Our Show & Tell this term will bring together the experiences of academic colleagues who have ditched the pen and are exploring digital marking. With a free lunch too, you may find our show and tell will uncover different practices and tips that could support you in this crucial activity.

Online submission: support for students

Do your students know who to contact if they have problems submitting assignments? How do they find out about file type restrictions? We provided information about how we are able to support queries regarding online assessments to assessment contacts in December, but have extended that with some practical tips on our blog:

E-Exam: Summative assessment in PC classrooms

For the second year running we have successfully supported formal, invigilated summative module assessments in PC classrooms. In the first week of term we supported two exams for the Department of Education, the largest of which ran simultaneously in four computer rooms across campus for 196 students.

For Education, delivering these assessments using e-exam resulted in significant savings in staff time where marking is concerned. Staff only need to mark short-answer or essay type questions while the system is able to automatically mark a number of the other question types (which include multiple choice, matching, multiple answer, true/false and ordering amongst a number of other possible question formats).

Collaborate online seminars

We ran our Collaborate Roadshows recently to showcase the online text, voice and video chat tool that allows for virtual presentations, screen-sharing, student independent online collaboration and remote supervision. If your students are working in groups, but finding it hard to get together, Collaborate offers them a virtual space for real-time collaboration. It’s also an excellent tool for guest speakers to run seminars remotely and offering virtual office hours for students who are on placement or learning at a distance.

If this sounds useful, try it now, don’t leave it until next year.

Our conference activities

Rosie and Simon went to the Durham Blackboard Conference at the start of the month. The theme was ‘Students as Partners’ and featured presentations from a number of institutions, including the Hull York Medical School.

Matt and Richard presented at Loughborough’s Lecture Capture Conference in December, interrogating assumptions around the value of recordings and reporting initial findings on a year-long research project into the way the lecture captures are incorporated in students’ study practices.

Recognition for your e-learning practice

Do you recognise the value of technology within your teaching practice? Would you like peer-assessed certification for the way you’ve approached e-learning? CMALT is an accreditation scheme that aims to be both a way of gaining recognition for your expertise and knowledge, and a professional development process through the creation of a reflective portfolio.

Within the ELDT we have CMALT holders and lead assessors. If you are interested in CMALT we invite you to contact us as we would be interested in facilitating an informal peer-support network.

Training and workshops

Whether you are new to Yorkshare or would like a brush-up on the basics, our Getting Started sessions are designed for you and allow time for hands-on activities and questions with our expert team. We also have a self-paced online version now available:

If you are looking for something a little more flavoursome, then our Primer sessions give you practical experience of specific elearning tools and teaching approaches.

Contact the ELDT

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