Getting Started on Yorkshare – New Online Self-Paced Tutorial

Update, January 2021: This post is now quite old! Whilst the content here is still accurate, newer, more extensive help materials around the VLE and our other tools can be found on our Help & Support Home Page.

You can now self-enrol on a tutorial site on Yorkshare that you can work through or use as a reference source for your basic VLE site development and maintenance needs. The Getting Started Tutorial covers the same basic content that our face-to-face Getting Started workshop includes using, for the most part, short narrated walk-through videos contextualised into a logical tutorial framework that you can follow.

To self-enrol on the Tutorial:

  1. First log-in to Yorkshare.
  2. Now go to this link: Self-paced Yorkshare (VLE) Getting Started Tutorial.
  3. Click the +Enrol button at the bottom of the left menu.

The Getting Started Tutorial includes:

  • Basic ‘button-clicking’ training videos, for example on how to upload files or make your site available
  • How to embed multimedia
  • How to create tests and use interactive tools within Yorkshare

If you don’t want to self-enrol on the Yorkshare VLE site in order to view the core resources, our video guides are also available in the public domain on YouTube.

For further information on the above see our previous post on Getting Started with Yorkshare.

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