Marking and Reading On Screen

The New Year is here, along with lots of impending assignment deadlines and marking. With more and more departments using electronic assignment submission through the VLE, we’ve put together the following guide on marking documents ‘on screen’ in either Word or Adobe Reader:

The guide highlights a number of ways that annotations and feedback can be left electronically on a document, before being sent back to the student. Using these tools will be particularly useful for assignments that are submitted via our Anonymous Assignment tool and are downloaded electronically after submission. It will streamline workflows and keep things ‘green’ by avoiding lots of printing and marking by hand. It also means that students are receiving targeted feedback on specific sections of their assignment electronically, as well as a summary of feedback and grade on the feedback sheet.

Marking on screen like this does have many benefits, but also means more time looking at a screen – which doesn’t suit everyone all of the time. The Reading On Screen website contains some great information on using different electronic devices for electronic annotation – such as tablets and e-readers –  as well as tips and advice on visual aids and making the most of ‘reading on screen’.

Many departments are also using the VLE’s ‘Inline Grading’ tool for formative assessments that are submitted electronically using Blackboard’s ‘Assignment’ tool. This is different from Anonymous Assignments, and allows tutors to mark documents without having to leave the VLE. Students can then see their feedback and comments and even submit more than one draft after they have acted on previous feedback. It’s a great tool for formative assessment, where marking does not have to be anonymous. To find out more about how you can start using inline grading, contact us at The Blackboard Help Pages and the video below also have more information on how you can use this tool.

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