Collaborate Mobile App

If you are looking for a way for students to interact outside of face-to-face teaching sessions, Blackboard Collaborate offers online spaces for webinars (online seminars), screen-sharing, video/voice/text chat, collaborative whiteboards and collaborative web browsing. The additional tools available include polling, emoticons and whiteboard/presentation annotation.

Collaborate is available within the Yorkshare VLE and rooms can be set up to allow only specified users or access without logging in. See our full guidance for how to create a Collaborate room in your course.

Mobile app

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App on Android

The mobile app allows students out in the field, on placement or learning at a distance to stay in touch, participate in online seminars and watch presentations from guest speakers. The mobile app also offers interactivity with both text and voice chat, emoticon and polling responses. This enables the student to actively participate and engage with others in the session.

For example, to build engagement within a teaching session including a poll to get a picture of student opinions on a particular issue will help drive discussion and reflection on students’ own values. Using the mobile app, just like using the desktop app, students can indicate yes/no responses or respond to multiple-choice polls. Results can be shown on the whiteboard.

Features available in Collaborate mobile

  • Listening to presenter
  • Contributing via text chat or voice chat
  • Viewing annotations on whiteboard/slides
  • Viewing shared desktops
  • Emoticons
  • Raising hand to pose question/contribute
  • Respond to polls

Features not available in Collaborate mobile

  • Watching/sending video feed (e.g. webcam)
  • Sharing mobile screen
  • Web tours (collaborative web browsing)

Free app

The mobile app is available free, for iOS, Android and Kindle in their respective stores. Links provided on the Blackboard Collaborate site.

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