Assignment Submission Receipting


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The use of electronic assignment submission is well established at the University of York and an often requested feature has been for students to receive a receipt via email when a successful submission is made.

We are please to announce that this feature is now available to all standard Blackboard assignment submission points. Hopefully this will alleviate some of the stress and worry that occurs when students make submissions and are left wondering if their submission has been made successfully.

Students will receive an email with details of the the submission they have just made such as the submission point name and the module in which it resides, a link to the submitted file and a link to a PDF copy of the submission receipt.

Instructors will find a Receipts folder in their modules files area which contains PDF copies of the receipts that are sent to students. If the instructor wishes these folders can be exposed to students such that they are able to view and retrieve receipts for any assignments they have submitted within the module.

This facility is available from today, Monday the 10th of November. There is no set-up required, it’s completely automatic and all new and existing standard Blackboard submission points will generate receipt emails.

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