Making video for Language Learning and Teaching

Sample video - click to view

Sample video – click to view

Building on the success of their award winning videos, Chris Copland and Huw Llewellyn Jones from the Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT) will be hosting two workshops highlighting their approach to making video to support learning and teaching.

Monday 3 November 2014 (week 6), 12.30-2.00pm, room HG21, Heslington Hall

Free lunchtime workshop for University of York Staff, – Making video for active learning (click to book online, limited places available)

“We will introduce how we use the medium of video to stimulate language skills and cultural awareness in international students.  We will demonstrate some of the techniques we have used for making films, both dramatised and documentary, and the central role learners have played in this process.  Workshop participants will get the opportunity for hands-on experience of using i-pads to both record and edit educational video.”

15th November – day long practical workshop, £125 for attendees – a day long practical workshop highlighting their approach to making video for language learning and teaching;

“This practical workshop will introduce ELT professionals to the skills involved in making short video films to support teaching and learning. It will explore how to develop an idea into a film that can be exploited effectively in the classroom or in a self-access context.”

You can find out more deatils, book online and view clips of Chris and Huw’s current project here;

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