Getting ready for the start of term

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As summer recedes into distant memory and the leaves start to change colour its obviously time to make sure everything is ready for the start of the new term, including your VLE sites. The E-Learning Development Team would be happy to speak to academics about how they could best use learning technologies from the VLE to Google and Lecture Capture to support their teaching. In the meantime, make sure you remember to carry out essential checks on your VLE modules to make sure that students can access the resources and activities without difficulty.

  • Preflight checks – 3 quick essential checks on links, enrolments and availability to make sure your VLE sites are good to go.
  • Copy EARL lists between years – EARL resource lists created in previous years will need to be copied from one year to the next.
  • Get ready for site renaming; when they were first created, sites for the forthcoming teaching year were prefixed with the year to come, eg “2014/15:”  to help instructors distinguish them from the sites that have just finished which were not prefixed. As we approach the start of the Autumn term, the “new” sites will become the sites for the current year and the sites from last year will become “old”. Sites will therefore be renamed appropriately; sites for the forthcoming teaching year will have the date prefix removed and sites from last year will be prefixed with zArchive + the year they ran, eg “zArchive 13/14”. You generally don’t need to do anything for this process which will happen automatically.
  • Get in touch with the E-Learning Development Team to discuss how you can make best use of e-learning in your modules.

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