Getting Started with Yorkshare (the VLE) – New Online Support Resources

Update, January 2021: This post is now quite old! Whilst the content here is still accurate, newer, more extensive help materials around the VLE and our other tools can be found on our Help & Support Home Page.

Screen Shot from YouTube of the PlayList Screen

We’ve developed a series of short help videos covering the most common tasks you might need to undertake when preparing or managing your Yorkshare (VLE) site. Click the image above to launch the Getting Started with Yorkshare YouTube playlist and see further below for a table of the full list of clips. The videos range from forty-two seconds in length to around two and a half minutes, however most are between a minute and two minutes long.

These videos form a part of the development of a self-paced ‘Getting Started’ tutorial that we will soon be enabling for self-enrolment by staff within Yorkshare (the VLE). We will, however, be framing the core content for access outside of Yorkshare too. The following link launches a Prezi; one of the tools we will be using to help contextualise both video and text based support materials: Basics of Using Yorkshare Prezi.

Some notes on Prezi use: If you get a choice, be sure to use the old Prezi player (requires Flash) if you intend to view the Prezi full screen (the option is under the presentation window).  The new player is HTML5 but doesn’t yet work entirely as the old player does when in full screen mode. Further general notes on Prezi use:

Click the icon bottom right to go full screen | Click a video square to zoom in on it and start it playing | When using the old player, stop a video manually before starting another | Use your mouse-wheel to zoom out after zooming in

Link to Prezi contextualising the videos relating to advanced use of Yorkshare’s Content Items.

Link to Prezi contextualising the videos relating to Tools and Control Panels.

Below is a table listing all the YouTube videos developed so far (including a link to our text based short guides on the same or a related subject where applicable). In terms of a logical order work down the first column and then the second (this is the order of the playlist also).

Accessing Yorkshare the VLE Re-ordering items within a Content Area
Accessing a Yorkshare VLE module Content Items – Advanced – Inserting files within text | Text
Overview of a Yorkshare’s module interface Content Items – Advanced – Embedding an image | Text
Yorkshare Navigation Tricks Content Items – Advanced – Embedding YouTube video
Using Edit Mode Making Announcements | Text
Adding a new Content Area to the Left Menu Using the Contacts tool
Adding a link to a Tool on to the Left Menu The Users Control Panel
Showing or Hiding a left-menu item Enrolling a colleague on a Yorkshare module | Text
Renaming a left-menu item Making your Yorkshare (VLE) module available to students | Text
Reordering the left-menu Adding a banner to the default Home page of your Yorkshare (VLE) module | Text
Adding a Content Item – Basic Setting your Yorkshare (VLE) module’s default Home page
Adding a Content Folder Sending Emails from a Yorkshare (VLE) module | Text
Adding a Web Link item Using the Performance Dashboard in a Yorkshare (VLE) Module
Editing an existing item in a Content Area

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