Where have my courses gone? Browsing for courses for users with long modules lists

The VLE’s module list provides users with links to all the modules that they are enrolled onto. This list displays the first 100 modules for any user which  are listed alphanumerically. Standard naming conventions mean that current year’s modules should appear higher in the list than those from previous years and so in the vast majority of cases users will be able to see their modules for the current year. However in instances where you are enrolled on an extraordinary large number of modules or want to get access to modules from previous years, you may find that the module that you are looking for is not listed in the default view. If you are enrolled on more than 100 modules and the module you are looking for is not in the first 100 modules, then you will need to click the more courses… link at the bottom of the module list.

More courses module list

You will then be taken to  an interface to allow you to search for the missing course by name, instructor, term and other attributes. You can filter results by date and your role on the course.

Course Search


If you want to be able to see more than 100 courses for a given year, want to see all your courses in one long list or want to be able to easily filter your courses by year then we’d recommend you give the new York modules list a try. As well as allowing you to control the display of modules by year this slimline course list will speed up the time taken for modules lists to load for users enrolled on lots of courses.

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