Gradable Tools – New User Interface

Blackboard now has a consistent user interface for all gradable content such as Blogs, Wikis and discussion forums. The right hand grading panel which has been the part of the In-Line grading interface for assignment for some time is now present in all tools which have been set up as gradable.

The various components that make up the grading interface are…

  1. main content area displaying the work to be graded
  2. Above the main content area and above the grading area the student name with Next and Previous buttons to ether side.
  3. Field to enter the grade
  4. Text box to enter any feedback
  5. Submit button




From the screen shots bellow you can see each of the different tools now has the same right hand grading panel showing fields to enter the grade and feedback fro the piece.


Screen shot comparing the user interface across the tools

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