Changing the Learning Landscape : Teaching Approaches and Technologies That Support Them

Ian Glover and Stuart Hepplestone of Sheffield Hallam University presented their framework for identifying different teaching approaches in use at their University and the technologies that can support or enhance them.SheffMenu_Small

The framework is designed to not only assist in broadly identifying approaches and the technologies that can support those approaches but also in establishing a basis for further dialogue between academic staff and learning technologists in the interests of efficiently realising interventions supported by online tools or platforms.  The target of the framework could equally be individual modules or entire courses and was designed to align with the University’s process for design and approval of its courses.

The framework itself (referred to as a ‘menu’) covers a number of approaches including:

  • independent learning
  • work-related learning
  • information-focussed learning
  • peer-learning

The benefit of each approach is listed along with indicative assessment types, technologies that can enhance the approach (and the benefits those) as well as links to further information, specific examples and case studies.  This ‘menu’ can be found at and reuse under the terms of the Creative Commons licence is shown at the bottom of the page (and is encouraged).

A further dialogue stimulation (literally) tabled by the Sheffield team was the idea of Teaching and Learning ‘Top Trumps’; a deck of cards where each card is used to focus on a particular approach, identifying strengths and providing details of where to find further information and what technologies might support such an approach.

Visit Sheffield Learning Team’s blog here

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