Yorkshare VLE feature: enhanced inline marking

The inline grading tool allows instructors to add comments into students’ work and return feedback to students completely online. Trials have indicated that this workflow can make life easier for markers who no longer have to worry about losing work or returning feedback and with students who indicate that they have appreciated feedback on specific areas of their essays.

Buidling on this success, the inline grading tool has been improved in a number of ways; not only is the interface is easier to manage but the tool can also be used to provide students with inline comments on blog, journal, wiki and discussion board entries.

This functionality will be available following the July 2014 upgrade.

5 responses to “Yorkshare VLE feature: enhanced inline marking

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  2. That’s great. In past years I’ve been downloading students’ work from My Grade Centre in order to write annotations then upload them back on the VLE. Is inline grading a new application or have I been missing it all this time? Many thanks.

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