VLE upgrade 2014: features, briefings and downtime

July 15th and 16thThe YorkshareVLE will be upgraded to the most recent release over summer, bringing with it some new features and also some major changes to the underlying architecture, necessary for significant usability improvements down the line.


Yorkshare VLE will be unavailable during the upgrade period between 15th – 16th July. We will work hard to get the system back up and running as soon as possible within this timeframe though you should plan for it to be unavailable to staff and students during this period.  We have already communicated this information to departmental e-learning coordinators, but please let us know if this downtime is likely to disrupt any learning and teaching activities.


To help spread the word and prepare people for the new features to come, the E-learning Development Team will be hosting a series of short lunchtime briefings to demonstrate some of the main changes and answer any questions. The demo should take 15 minutes.

  • Thursday 19th June 12 noon RCH/041 Study Pod 2
  • Monday 23rd June, 12 noon, Vanburgh V/C 026
  • Wednesday 25th June, 12 noon, AEW/010

What’s new?

4 responses to “VLE upgrade 2014: features, briefings and downtime

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