Prezi in the academic environment

The library’s Ned Potter recently led a FORUM session exploring use of Prezi in the academic environment for staff here at the University of York. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it on the day but happily his presentation is available online. While I’m sure that this will have been a poor substitute for attending the workshop its really well put together, full of useful tips and is incredibly useful as a standalone resource in its own right. Thanks a lot Ned and I look forward to being front and centre next time you run this which judging from the demand for this over subscribed session, hopefully won’t be too far away.

Click the image below to access the presentation which includes a link to the workbook used in the session.

preziInAcadmic environment


3 responses to “Prezi in the academic environment

  1. Thanks for this. I would definitely be interested in attending a f2f workshop on prezi, which I use, but am not exploiting it fully, I know.

    • Hi Ann,

      I think Ned is running the session again as it was over subscribed first time. Give him a shout to save your place.


      • Will do. Maybe we can have an ‘advanced prezi’ sharing workshop, too. I’ll contact Ned.

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