Chris Millson Wins E-Learning Award at Blackboard Europe 2014 Event

Photograph of Chris Millson holding his Blackboard Europe award.The University of York’s very own Chris Millson (of the Careers Service) received an award from Blackboard in their ‘exemplary use of Blackboard tools to support the student experience’ category.

In 2011, Chris and the team in Careers embarked on the development of the on-line Employability Tutorial, a self-study resource facilitated by Yorkshare (the VLE). The goal was to better prepare students for the world of work. The intended outcomes of the tutorial were increased student engagement with Careers and an improvement in the level of graduate destinations achieved.

Three years later, the university has a resource that students are using in their thousands. It is supported by academics and the University, and successfully encourages students to think about the skills and experiences they need for their future. The Employability Tutorial has made it easier for more students to access support from Careers, and non-users of Careers have been seen to engage more with Careers after accessing the Employability Tutorial, compared to those who do not access itl. While it is too early to say whether the Employability Tutorial has improved graduate destinations, the first aim of increasing engagement has been achieved.

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