Alternative Module List Portlet Now Available

yorkModuleListA new Module List portlet (a ‘portlet’ is what we call the boxes appearing on your Home Tab of Yorkshare) is available for staff. This offers an alternative to the default Module List, which can be slow to load if you are enrolled on a long list of modules. The new ‘York Module List’ allows you to filter your module enrolments by academic year, helping you to keep the module list as relevant to you as possible.

Tell us what you think of the new modules list and how you want your modules list presented on the VLE

We need to know whether the new modules list is working for you. Please spend a couple of minutes completing this survey to help us decide how to progress:

To add the new module list:

  1. From your Home Tab within Yorkshare click on the ‘Add Module’ button at the upper left of your browser window
  2. Search for ‘York Module List’ (when found it should appear in the main area of your browser window)
  3. Click the ‘Add’ button associated with the York Module List entry
  4. Return to the Home tab, the York Module List should now be visible. Click, hold and drag on the portlet’s upper name bar to reposition it on your Home Tab
  5. You can remove the original module list (to avoid you having two on your homepage), by clicking on the cross in the title bar of the original module list portlet (see below).

Close module list portlet

The portlet currently available is just the first version of the ‘York Module List’. We are hoping to further develop the functionality of this portlet so please do respond with any suggestions or feedback you may have for features and/or enhancements that could be addressed in the future.

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