ELDT lunchtime seminar: Designing online learning – maximising student engagement & staff time 30.04.14

  • Module design imageWhere: LFA 204 (Harry Fairhurst extension of the library)
  • When: 30th April 2014, 12.15 – 1.45pm, lunch will be available
  • Follow on: 1:1 / team consultation, access to self-directed resources

Seminar overview

Teaching staff at the University of York are encouraged to ‘design in’ the use of technology to support student-centred learning. However with ongoing pressures on staff time, it can be challenging to develop and support blended learning approaches, particularly when students can sometimes seem resistant to engage with online learning.

This practical session will provide participants with the opportunity to explore how successful e-learning approaches can be designed, built and delivered, through the following activities;

  • Getting the right ‘blend’ in blended learning: identifying appropriate activities for online delivery
  • Barriers to the blend: developing strategies to increase student engagement and minimise staff time
  • Hands on design and development to address authentic  teaching scenarios, such as:
    • Structuring student learning away from class time;
    • Supporting students on placement or fieldwork activities;
    • Fostering dialogue around feedback on formative work;
    • Maximising active student learning within large group teaching;
    • Supporting collaboration and group projects.

The session will be supported by a range of online materials providing overviews of the range of tools available at York and highlighting successful examples of use of technology to support learning.


Following engagement with the seminar, online resources and / or consultation as appropriate, participants will have:

  • Identified supported tools, technologies and exemplars of applied practice in the use of technology to support common teaching and learning scenarios;
  • Examined a range of common teaching and learning challenges and distinguished appropriate activities for online delivery to make best use of contact time within a blended module;
  • Critically analysed case studies and personal experiences to identify barriers to student engagement with online activities in the context of campus based courses;
  • Applied strategies to maximise student engagement and learning through online activities within a blended module;
  • Developed practical approaches to maximise investment of staff time in creating and managing e-learning and assessment;
  • Collaborated on the design of authentic blended learning approaches to address common teaching challenges.

Places are limited, please contact Simon Davis simon.davis@york.ac.uk for more details, to reserve your place or to discuss how this seminar could be tailored for delivery for a specific department or teaching team.

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