Case study: Using personal capture to extend the lecture

Personal capture screenshot

Worked example video created using “Personal capture” and published automatically to the VLE

Statistics 1 is a core module 1st year in Economics – it’s important that all students, with a wide range of skills and experiences with statistics  grasp the maths in this module to be able to thrive through the rest of their degree. This case study highlights how the Replay service’s “Personal capture” tool and other approaches to rapid video production are used to provide detailed explanations of the core concepts and formulae that students can watch, rewind, pause and re-watch as and when they want. Some videos are produced in advance allowing students to prepare for and engage better in lectures whereas others are produced in response to questions raised and identified areas of difficulty in the large group sessions.

Removing detailed explanations from the face to face sessions (not the best medium for delivery anyway), creates space for more interactive teaching and discussion.

This case study is follows on from Jacco Thijssen’s recent presentation at our show and tell event.

Link to case study including sample of personal capture output.


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