Student perceptions of HE in the post £9K era

lifestyleSurveySome interesting findings and some that we could have anticipated in the Times Higher Ed University Lifestyle survey.

  • Most students feel positive about their investment but dissatisfaction levels showed a sharp increase (mapping onto predictions in rising expectations).
  • More students than ever (84%) are worried about their degree classification – what are the implications here for motivation to explore unassessed areas of the subject?
  • 76% would like their lectures recorded for viewing at a later date but only 6% of UG students regularly view online lectures – it would be interesting to know how many of the other 94% have the facility to do this but choose not to.

Other stats touch on areas such as motivations for going to University and influences for choosing a particular University and attitudes to lifestyle and debt levels. The report is delivered as a glossy, multimedia online presentation or you can download the PDF from a link at the top, link below to additional commentary / summary.

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