Google Hangouts and Blackboard Collaborate

Google Plus LogoA colleague from the library team recently brought the following two articles to our attention regarding the use of Google Hangouts in education.  If Google Hangouts are something you’re considering, or you just want find out more about them, the articles provide a useful overview of things to be aware of and also possible uses.  Both articles are hosted on

32 Tips For Using Google+ Hangouts In The Classroom

50 Ideas For Using G+ Hangouts In Learning By Category

It’s worth noting here that the E-Learning Development Team are currently finalising arrangements for a trial licence of Blackboard Collaborate.  Blackboard Collaborate is a fully fledged web conferencing tool.

Our intention is to run a series of pilots with Blackboard Collaborate from the end of March to the end of August with a view to taking a decision on whether to continue supporting it for the following academic year.  If you would like to know more about Collaborate or would be interested in running a pilot of the software, do please get in touch with a member of the E-Learning Team as soon as possible.

Collaborate incorporates a lot more functionality than the more informal Google Hangout app and provides for better control over privacy, managing participants in a session and the privacy of recorded sessions.

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