“Carpe Diem” MOOC: Seize the day with Module Design

Robin Williams on desk in Dead Poets Society

Seize the day with the Carpe Diem outcomes based approach to rapid module design.

The “Carpe Diem” module planning process has been developed by Professor Gilly Salmon (PVC Learning Transformations at Swinburne, Australia) since 2000. The practical and intensive, two day workshops see teams of academics working alongside learning technologists and subject librarians to design and build modules, incorporating appropriate uses of resources and technology throughout.

This process is now being made available as a free MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) to both support academics to work through their module design projects and provide support staff with an insight into the process and allow them to reflect on how transferable it might be to their contexts. I’m currently quite optimistic about this approach and have been exploring practical, hands-on staff development opportunities for teaching design and planning for a while, including some of the reflective thinking and decision making tools offered by the University of Ulster’s ViewPoints workshops. Like the Carpe Diem approach, Viewpoints offers a useful mechanism and practical process for bringing teaching teams together to develop a shared approach to how a module or entire curriculum should be taught, and make collaborative decisions about how this should be manifested. As well as being one of its biggest strengths, this might prove to be the biggest hurdles to getting staff on board…

The 6 week MOOC starts on Monday 10th March and you can get more details and sign up for free by following the link below. For best results use FireFox apparently.

Detail and sign up for the Carpe Diem MOOC

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