Enhanced features to VLE’s anonymous file submission tool to be piloted

The University’s  e-Assigment Steering Group has been tasked with exploring an end-end solution for the submission and marking of assignments online. A series of enhancements features have been developed for the VLE’s anonymous file submission building block, which will be piloted by four departments (Politics, Management, Law and History) over the spring and summer terms.  We anticipate that the enhancements will greatly improve the assignment/feedback life cycle, making it much easier for departments to manage both assignments and feedback anonymously. 

The new workflow:

Assignment and feedback workflow

The new features in the Anonymous Assignment tool will allow staff to mark assignments anonymously and provide feedback to students by completing feedback documents (1 per student). Marks and grades can be recorded on a marker’s spreadsheet, and both the marks spreadsheet and feedback documents can be uploaded into SITS where they will be registered against a student’s record. Students will simply log into E:Vision to access their results and feedback.

Other improvements include the ability to customise the feedback documents by basing them on a template. Staff or departments can create their own feedback templates (in Word’s docx file format) and have the VLE automatically create a feedback document for each student taking a selected module. Within the feedback documents key information can be automatically inserted, such as exam number, module descriptor & disability sticker. Disability sticker information is also included in the assignment submission summary spreadsheet (available to staff who are not currently participating in the trial).

The trial will run during terms 2 & 3 of this academic year, and following staff & student evaluation, the ELDT and SITS teams hope to roll out the new features for term 1 of the 2014/15 academic year. For a demonstration or for more information contact the E-Learning Development Team (vle-support@york.ac.uk).

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