Student guide: accessing feedback through the VLE

Update December 2020

This post is from 2014, and is out of date! To see the latest information around seeing standard assignment feedback in the VLE, see here: Yorkshare Guide – Students – Viewing Feedback and Grades in “Type A” Submission Points.

You may also find the other assignment guides we have linked in the “VLE” section of our student tech’ help and support page of interest.

Old (out of date) information

If work is submitted through the VLE using the standard (non-anonymous) assignment submission tool then there are also a range of options for providing feedback through the VLE, including overview comments and marks, inline comments and feedback on student performance against the various aspects of the marking criteria through rubrics.

While early evaluation of student responses to receiving feedback through the VLE has been positive, a number of students commented that it was either hard to find or once they had managed to access the feedback elements of the interface made it hard to read online or download and print.

The student facing guide linked to below is designed to provide easy to follow instructions on how to access your feedback, how to manage the interface to make it more readable online and how to download and print inline comments.

Accessing feedback through the VLE – student guide

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