Changes Affecting some Digitised Content delivered through the CLA agreement

copyright symbolThe library has highlighted some imminent changes to the CLA licence which may affect content delivered through EARL lists in the VLE and potentially through other routes. Please see below for an overview and use the contact details at the bottom for any concerns or queries you may have regarding this.

“In August 2013 the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) made some significant changes to the rules on scanning from books and journals that are published in the USA.

Scanning from material that is published in the USA is now only possible if the rights holder has contacted the CLA to opt-in their repertoire for digitisation. Many US publishers have not opted-in their material so the CLA now requires us to remove all scans we have made that are no longer covered by the scanning licence.

At the end of January, the CLA will be giving us a list of affected material currently in use at York. We are required to remove these scans from EARL lists by the end of February; this means that over the next four weeks, some scanned material will be removed from several course lists. If you have material that will be affected by these changes that is not delivered through EARL then the library will contact you to discuss.

We are aware of how frustrating this change in legislation will be for everyone and will continue to do our best to minimise its impact on teaching.


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