Module site redirect page

The ELDT have developed a web page that can be used to create friendly links to VLE module sites. Pawn holding laptop

How does it work?

1. Work out what the Course ID of the module site you want to link to is. That’s the code that starts Y (for example, Y2013-000123, or if it’s a community site YOPEN-000123). The Course ID can be found in the Control Panel of a site under Customisation and Properties.

2. Construct the link. The redirect web page URL is You will need to substitute the Course ID in the URL with the Course ID of the site you want to link to.

3. When the link is clicked the page will redirect the user to the module site (if they are already logged into the VLE). If they are not already logged in then the Shibboleth login page will be displayed, and after successfully logging in the user is forwarded on to your module site.

Why is this useful?

Some staff/departments create web pages containing links to VLE module sites, for example, a programme site which contains links to all the VLE module site in that programme. Updating these types of pages each year (as the links to the module sites change during rollover) can take a while. If however, this new module redirect page was used instead, then updating these links would be much easier. Staff updating the page would simply need to change the Y2013 to Y2014 in the links they wanted to update.

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2 responses to “Module site redirect page

  1. This is really good, thanks!

    I did something similar, although not as general, and one thing I’ve learnt is that it’s useful to link to module sites from other module sites. In this case, Blackboard is suspicious of non– links, so it’s handy to have a redirect within the Content Collection. I have a page which runs some Javascript and simply redirects, echoing the URL parameter to your ColdFusion page. You can then replace the redirect with a redirect. Not perfect because it requires JS, although my current thought is to try doing an HTTP redirect if there’s no JS (or just anyway) – assuming Bb is OK with that, and then grabbing the referrer URL in ColdFusion (if that includes the query string).

    I can share the code if it helps (it’s fairly simple).

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