Searching for an online MindMap tool (web 2.0 tools)

web20toolsfullI have started using Mindmaps to support new training sessions that we have developed and I’ve got to say they’ve worked really well. They offer some of the same ability as tools like Prezi to show the “big picture” and then focus in on key elements, without the motion sickness and leave you with a reusable standalone resource. Although I’m quite pleased with the functionality provided by the MindMap tool we used ( there’s still some things I’d like it to do such as provide additional information on rollover or attach files and images although this is possible if you upgrade to the “premium” account.

So while looking for alternative online MindMapping tools I came across – it’s free and allows you to add rollover links and notes so it could be worth a try. One things that did catch my eye while having a quick look at some examples was this rather large mindmap of Web 2.0 tools while its far from comprehensive it seems like a pretty useful resource. I’ll certainly be checking out their list of Mindmapping applications.


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