Free online Vector animations (and other free stuff)

I had the pleasure of working with colleagues from the Centre of Applied Human Rights today on producing effective videos. Amongst the different styles of videos we discussed were “Narrated graphics” where a sequence of images, powerpoint slides or animation are used as a backdrop to illustrate a voice over. This approach to video production allows you to represent visually things that you haven’t filmed and can be a very effective way to quickly get your point across in a fun and / or engaging way.

There are lots of different ways to make these sorts of animations from high end video effects and animation programmes to applications designed primarily for website design, though they often have a steep learning curve and more often than not cost several hundred pounds. So while looking for a free, simple to use way to create this type of resource which comes pre-loaded with a bunch of ready made graphics or allows you to upload your own images and sounds, I have been pretty impressed with what has to offer. Wideo is easy and free to use (I was able to make this light hearted intro to video production in about an hour) though you will need to pay to be able to download your animations so you can include them with other footage in your edits. Well worth a look though.

Wideo screenshot


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