Embed Yorkshare (VLE) student help YouTube videos directly in your Yorkshare site

Yorkshare Logo of three chess style pawns.  

Yorkshare Video Guides for Students (on YouTube)

Click the above link to launch a YouTube playlist comprising a series of video guides we have developed, targeted specifically at students, to cover the basics (and some more advanced tasks) of using Yorkshare (the VLE).

Topics covered are as follows:

The Basics

Getting Started with Yorkshare (the VLE)

Accessing and navigating Yorkshare modules

Using links and getting help in Yorkshare

Hints and Tips Customising you Home TabIf a module isn’t showing
Assignment Anonymous Assignment Submission PointsStandard Assignment Submission Points
Interactive Tools

The basics of using a Yorkshare Discussion Forum

The basics of using a Yorkshare Blog/Journal

The basics of using a Yorkshare Wiki

Embedding, uploading media/files and creating links in Discussion Forums, Wikis, Blogs and Journals

These videos are publically available so you can link to/embed them in your own web-pages, or in to Yorkshare sites as required.  For embedding in Yorkshare you could use the YouTube mash-up – handily explained in our “Content Items – Embedding a YouTube Video” video.

A useful application of such an embedded video, for example, might be to embed the video covering how to use the Anonymous Assignment submission tool in the same Yorkshare area that an Anonymous Assignment submission point is made available to your students.

It’s our intention, moving forward, to add further sequences to this series as needed; any suggestions for future themes or topics to cover would be welcomed.

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