Where’s my lecture? Unblocking access to lecture and personal capture recordings

Access to the EchoCenter (for viewing and editing Lecture Captures) is experiencing an issue at the moment whereby browsers are initially blocking access to it due to what they think of as being insecure or unsafe content coming from Replay.  There isn’t any unsafe content but the browser unfortunately does need to be informed that this is the case.
Current Safari (under Windows and OSX) doesn’t block EchoCenter. For Internet Explorer users this issue is made obvious (the browser prompts you to allow the content or not).  For Chrome and Firefox users it’s not obvious this has happened unfortunately.
When using Chrome you get a ‘this page includes scripts from unauthenticated sources’ block (a small shield icon appearing at the right of the URL field).  You need to confirm loading the ‘unsafe’ script and then retry the EchoCenter.
1load unsafe script
With Firefox the shield is at the left of the URL field.  Click this and choose to ‘Disable protection on this page’ from the ensuing drop-down (it defaults to Keep Blocking) then retry the EchoCenter.

2 responses to “Where’s my lecture? Unblocking access to lecture and personal capture recordings

  1. Hello,

    Have you found a way to fix this issue other than telling the users to click on the shield?
    I’m in charge of a wiki page and I am experiencing this same problem where chrome is blocking the embedded youtube videos.

    • Hi Sebastian,

      the issue is normally down to mixed protocols between the embedded content and the URL of your page. If you can try to ensure that they match then the alert shouldn’t be triggered.


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