Activating your YouTube account for “Video Everywhere”

A great new feature in the VLE is the ability to record video from your webcam and embed it directly into any content item you create or reuse video content you created earlier. This feature is known as “Video Everywhere” and is available wherever the test box editor appears so as well as allowing staff to quickly create videos for their students, students can also create them within journals, blogs, wikis and discussion boards – opening up a range of new pedagogic possibilities, such as speaking practice for language students or reflective video journals.  For more information on the tool itself please see our guide or the short video below.

This feature of BlackBoard works through close integration with your YouTube account, using YouTube to store the video you create or access the videos you have already created. Staff and students at York will all have a University YouTube account as part of our use of Google apps, and we recommend you link to that account in the first instance, though it is possible to link through to any other YouTube account that you manage.

myChannelIf you have never used your University YouTube account, you will need to follow some simple steps to prepare it to receive your video content before you can use the Video Everywhere functionality. You will only need to set your channel up once:

1) Go to YouTube and sign in with your University of York details
2) Click on the drop down arrow in the top right next to your name and select My Channel
3) You will then be prompted to set up your YouTube channel, just work through the on-screen prompts


webcam4) When you have set up your channel you can start to use the Video Everywhere functionality in the VLE – to get started click on the webcam icon in any text box editor

5) If you are not still logged into to your YouTube account you will be prompted to log in and then Grant Access to your account and then you are ready to go.


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