OERs – Computer Sciences portal

Computer Science Open Educational Resources (OER) portalA couple of years ago it seemed like there was a new collection of Open Educational Resources being made available every week. Yet despite the time, money and effort that went into creating and curating them, I still didn’t see much evidence of their reuse.  While there could have been a number of reasons for this lukewarm reception from the academic community, I feel a significant one was the difficulty in actually finding anything useful for a specific purpose within the mountains of content that was released for reuse.

The Computer Sciences Open Educational Portal from the US has recently added many new resources under creative commons licences to its portal and seems to make its content easy to search and browse by Author (aka collection), subject category, (eg Android, Boolean Logic, C++, etc…) or curriculum area.

Professor of Computer Science from Winston Salem State University, Darina Dicheva says in her message to a recent mailing list:

“For those of you who have not visited it, the Portal hosts a rich collection of links to open teaching/learning materials targeted specifically the area of Computer Science. It provides multiple ways for locating resources, including search with filtering the results by CS categories, material type, level, media format, etc., as well as browsing by institutional (OpenCourseWare) collections, by CS categories, or by topics as recommended by the ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriculum. The browsing functionality is supplemented with recommendations for similar courses/resources.

You might also be interested in staying updated about newly added resources by liking our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ComputerScienceOpenEducationalResources.csoer), where we post such information via RSS feeds.

We will appreciate it if you share this information with your colleagues and students.”


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