HYELNC Conference, Session Notes -Disruptive technology: an E-portfolio model for active assessment for learning

Disruptive technology: an E-portfolio model for active assessment for learning. Presented by Celine Kingman and Annette Webb.

The background to this presentation was a desire within the department for Film and TV Production to find alternative methods of capturing their students portfolios. With the growth of digital and online content when traditional paper-based portfolios were no longer an effective medium. This coincided with the institutions move to electronic submission for assessment.

They opted to use Mahara e-portfolio system where the students could capture and curate all this information and submit to the appropriate submission point in the VLE. Mahara also provided a space for the various student production groups to manage the organisation of their collaborative work through Mahara groups.

The two main aspects of this project that the presentation covered were the pedagogical benefits for the student with this process and the difficulties in implementing and maintaining such a process in the face of institutional apathy to engage and getting buy in from departmental colleagues. No solutions to the later were mentioned.

The genuine desire to find new and innovative ways to engage the students was clear and by the end of their three years the students should have a dynamic digital portfolio of their work.

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