HYELN 2013: Employment of audio video feedback within an educational setting

Higher York logoRunning for an hour and a half this workshop very ably demonstrated the efficacy of audio video feedback for invoking personal reflection in students, the ease with which the audio video materials can be created and also the speed at which such resources can be ‘turned around’ for students to engage with.

Brett Wilkie and Andreas Liefeith (both senior lecturers in Sport and Exercise Science at York St John University) took an active approach to demonstrating how they provide formative feedback to student sports coaches.  They asked delegates who attended their session to work through an activity and consent to be filmed at all the key stages of the activity (which included audio feedback provided as the activities were in progress given by Andreas).

By engaging with the video and feedback of their first attempt at the challenge (after first coming up with a strategy and then presenting their strategy) the delegates were able to significantly improve their performance the second time they attempted the challenge; an excellent demonstration of how effective feedback of this nature can be.

During the session Brett and Andreas provided an overview of the hardware used and, in showing the delegates the video feedback during the session, how quickly and easily it can be created and delivered.

In the presentation portion of their session Brett and Andreas provided impressive access statistics from the VLE module students used to access their feedback.  Survey results of students who have had such feedback made available to them was also shown to be very positive indeed.

The possibilities for the use of audio video to provide feedback outside the context provided by Brett and Andreas were also discussed by delegates and were felt to extend to a wide range of potential areas such as presentation technique and group working as well as more direct academic use such as audio feedback on written work perhaps using screen capture for creation of video.

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