Downloading Vodcast files from Replay (lecture capture / personal capture)

One options for publishing your lecture or personal capture recordings is to produce them as a “vodcast” which is essentially a standalone video file that will play in your bowser (if it has the correct plug-ins installed). You should also be able to download the vodcast files to archive, watch later when you are not online or import into a movie editing program to remix as you need.

Downloading the vodcast files is pretty straight forward on a PC, although there is an unexpected step which might catch you out. To download a vodcast from echo:

  1. Click on the link in the e-mail you receive when your recording has been published (make sure you click the link to the vodcast) or select the download link from within the echo centre.
  2. This will try to play your video in your web browser. Click on the link to Download Media File underneath the video.
  3. The file that downloads will be called something like  media.m4v-, attachment. It has an unusual file extension which won’t be recognised by your PC.
  4. If you rename the file so that its file extension is only .m4v it should play OK on your local PC (eg to media.m4v)

screenshot of download media file link

Note: File extensions are the letters that come after the name of a file that tell us what type of file it is, eg .doc is a word file, .ppt is a PowerPoint file. If you cannot see the file extensions for any of your files, click here to see how to show file extensions.

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