Reusable resources: Video production / YouTube primer

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Participants were asked what they thought video did well

We recently ran a basic primer in video production and using YouTube to deliver and edit videos. Participants were introduced to “good practice” in video production and completed three hands on activities supported by worksheets. The resources which were used for the sessions are below. Please feel free to reuse and / or adapt as required. As ever, we’d be delighted to speak to you about delivering this type of session for you/ you colleagues / your students.

Session worksheets

Shoot video: VideoPrimer-task – production

Upload to YouTube / create playlists: VideoPrimer-task – Upload to YouTube

Edit with YouTube: VideoPrimer-task – Editing with YouTube

Reference guides

Guide to interview techniques:  Video Interview checklist

Video production checklist: production_checklist

Cribsheet for the Kodak zi8 cameras that are available to loan from AV services: zi8_handout


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