Reusable resources: Presentation, Publication, Layout and Graphics

Yorkshare Chess Pawn Logo consisting of three pawns all standing behind each other.Over the last few years we have run a series of sessions in Social Policy and Social Work for students (by request from the department) in weeks eight to ten of the summer term.  These sessions have included video and audio content development; media types that are very much of current interest due to the ease of which they can now be created and deployed digitally.

One of the perhaps less ‘high profile’ and more over-looked (but equally useful) sessions we facilitate revolves around presentation and graphics.  The session we have developed to cover presentation and graphics can be delivered to students or staff and is divided in to two halves (that could easily be delivered separately).

In the first half of the session we provide an overview of some of the main issues to have in mind when considering publication of a message (either on-line/by e-mail, in print or by face-to-face presentation) and follow this through with some practical design and presentation theory.  One of the hand-outs we’ve developed for the conceptual part of the session is a crib-sheet bulleting all the main considerations covered and includes links to free image and audio sites: Presentation and Layout Crib-Sheet (32K DOCX).  This document serves as a good session outline for the first half of the workshop as well.

Please feel free to reuse and / or adapt the crib-sheet as required.

The second half of the session walks attendees through the basic techniques involved in using a graphics application hands-on (providing observations on good practice in terms of choosing/manipulating visuals and text along the way).  The spine of activity revolves around creating a typical ‘banner’ graphic (using multiple images and text) such as those you might use at the top of a blog, on a Facebook group page or on the Home page of a VLE site for example.  This session also covers graphics formats, resolution and other generic graphics orientated considerations.  We deliver this built around the use of a free on-line graphics manipulation tool such as PIXLR.  This part of the session needs to take place in a computer lab.

Finally we can also include a section within the session on using an application such as PowerPoint for either poster design/production or web-site layout prototyping (as required).

Note that we’d be more than happy to speak to you about delivering this type of session for you, your colleagues or your students.

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