Manage your enrolments with the self-enrol tool

While it’s sometimes really useful to be able to get access to other VLE sites from within your departments, being enrolled on too many can bring its own problems; cluttered module lists, home page takes longer to load and of course you can receive all those e-mail announcements announcements. The self enrol tool allows you to choose which sites you get access to without having to trouble other instructors or your friendly e-learning development team.

As this will require some “buy in” from department staff, so that everyone is happy with others getting access to their sites we will need to set this tool up and make it available to you. The video below shows how simple the tool can be to add yourself to, and remove yourself from modules within your department. It is also possible to set the tool up so you can be added as an instructor or student by default or you can choose when you add yourself to a module.

Setting up and using the self enrol tool (note this will need to be made available to you or your department by the E-learning Development Team)

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