Why do you (and your students) use BlackBoard mobile?

We know that the Mobile Learn “app”, which gives instructors and students access to to the VLE through their mobile devices, is being widely used, though we’re not quite sure what for. A couple of months ago we ran a quick poll with students, asking them that very question. We received over 1000 responses and although it might be wrong to jump to conclusions, the fact that most who are using it are either simply accessing content or reading notifications, seems to indicate that we could be doing more with the interactive tools on offer. The app does a decent job of providing online tests and surveys and access to discussion boards and blogs allows students to participate remotely and even add media such as photos and videos take with your phone with ease. The other noticeable thing was the number of students who don’t yet have the app – whether this is because they don’t know about it, don’t own a compatible device or simply don’t want it requires further investigation but I think this clearly points to a renewed need to tell students about it as well as selling them the benefits.

Survey results

Survey results indicate potential for more widespread use of the app.

With many potential uses for the app, from work based learning and field work to simply providing practice activities that students can do while “on the go”, we’re really keen to get more information about how the app is being used in practice. We’re also here to help anyone who wants to discuss how to make the most of it the app’s functionality and ensure that their sites are “mobile friendly”.

It seems that much of the sector is also looking for real life examples of best practice with mobile learning. There’s £500 up for grabs and we’d be more than happy to help you put it together. Please see below for details and don’t forget to give us a shout if you have an idea you’d like to discuss or have something worth shouting about.

UCISA call for mobile learning case studies

The Academic Support Group (ASG) of the UCISA Digital Skills and Development Group is putting together a set of case studies demonstrating ‘best practice’ in the use of mobile technologies to enhance teaching, learning and assessment and we would like your help. We are particularly looking for case studies which go beyond the provision of mobile access to existing technologies and clearly demonstrate the advantage of using mobile technologies on the learning experience, for example enhancing classroom interaction or use of mobile devices in the field or on placements. Successful case studies will be published as part of a ‘best practice’ guide and authors will be invited to present their case study at a workshop in January 2014.  A prize of £500 will be awarded to the best case study, with two runners-up prizes of £250. Note: prizes are paid to your institution and only UCISA member institutions are eligible to win a prize.

Case studies must indicate the resources (including time) required, the sustainability of the activity and show how any problems or issues that were encountered were avoided or overcome. You need to demonstrate the evidence of the impact and identify any future developments.

If you would like to put forward a case study, please submit an expression of interest in the form of an abstract (300-500 words) that contains a brief description of what was done and the impact on the learning experience. Expressions of interest should be sent to j.voce@imperial.ac.uk by Friday 31st May 2013.

We will then review the abstracts and select those that we feel would make useful case studies. Those selected will be advised before the end of June 2011 and asked to submit a full case study (either written or using multimedia) by September 2011.

For more information contact:
Julie Voce
Chair, Academic Support Group
Imperial College London

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