Reading on Screen (online resource)

Screenshot of the guideThe past few years have seen a dramatic rise in the volume of digital resources which students are expected to engage with. As such, they are finding themselves spending an increasing amount of time sat in front of a screen reading and watching this material.

In response to a number of students voicing difficulties arising from this such as tiredness and headaches, and to overcome the desire to print resources prior to reading, we decided to develop an online resource to offer guidance around engaging with online reading material.

This website covers such topics as annotation of electronic documents, altering browser settings and browser plugins, software and applications designed to aid in reading documents, text-to-speech and speech-to-text as well as signposting individuals to a range of online tutorials, videos and organisations which they would find useful. The site is also developed as a two-way exchange of ideas and approaches, encouraging students to share with their peers what they find works best for them in terms of working with digital resources.

Follow the link bellow to see the Reading on Screen website.



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