Retrieving reports from Turnitin at York (for staff)

The primary focus of Turnitin at York is to support student’s formative development; the Learning Enhancement Team run regular training sessions explaining the tool and how to interpret text matching reports and then make the tool available to students. Evaluation is ongoing though indications show that this is proving to be incredibly effective at helping students avoid unintentional plagiarism and develop their academic writing.

However staff are also keen to benefit from using the tool for its “traditional” purpose of plagiarism detection. Some departments routinely collect student work in through the Anonymous assignment tool and then “batch upload” all scripts to Turnitin to produce reports for all student work whereas other depts will want to inspect individual papers that arouse suspicion. In either case staff will need to upload individual papers or a batch of papers in a zip and then retrieve the reports. The short video below runs through the process of retrieving the originality report of a paper that has been submitted by a staff member.

  1. Control Panel > Turnitin Assignments
  2. Click link to Assignment Submission Point
  3. Find your report in the Assignment Inbox and click on the Similarity rating to access the full report.

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