Managing Your Course List

Over several years at the university you will amass a good number of modules in your module list. There is a way that you can manage these so that only those modules that you want to see appears in the list (without the need to be un-enrolled).

To hide a module
From your Yorkshare (VLE) home page where you can see you module list, if you roll your cursor over the title bar of the module list block you’ll notice a cog icon appear to the right of the title bar. Click on this to enter the ‘Manage Module Settings’.

Screen shots of a module list indicating where to find the manage module settings icon.

Module List and cog icon to edit settings

Once in the ‘Manage Module Settings’, against each module there is a set of check boxes. To hide a module simply make sure all the check boxes against that module are unchecked, to show a hidden module check the boxes against that module for the information you wish to see (Course Name and Announcements are the usual default).

Screen shots of the manage module list options.

Manage module settings

When you are happy with your amendments click on the ‘Submit’ button to finalise.

Video tutorial: Cleaning Up Your Course List

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