YouTube’s online video editor: could be worth a look

YouTube video editor screenshotNext week I’m running a short session for students on creating effective talking head videos. In addition to covering planning, basic interview technique, choosing the right shot, light, sound and other fundamentals I need to address simple editing and post production. Everytime I run a session like this I always find myself faced with the choice of training them on the free tools that come with windows which have got increasingly less functional since the move to Windows 7, or use paid for software which they can get on a free trial but after that its going to cost them.

So my ears pricked up when a little bird told me that YouTube’s own online editor has got pretty nifty these days. I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed, particularly if you’re just trying to do something simple like trim clips, join clips together, add some titles and transitions and maybe an audio track – beyond that you’re probably going to struggle but I think this basic feature set will meet an awful lot of beginners needs.

Although you can make source videos and the finished thing private, I was slightly disappointed to see that you don’t seem to be able to download the finished edit to be distributed via another means. However this doesn’t stop it from being something to explore further – I’ll let you know how I get on next week…

Basic guides to using the editor:

YouTube video editor:

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