Replay Lecture Capture – Tips on presentation etiquette and delivery

Some general presentation etiquette and preparation guidelines

These observations are mostly common sense but still worth stating (though it’s worth noting that captures can be edited after they have been recorded):

  • If you are using a radio or lapel microphone during your lecture be sure to check that it is both charged/powered and switched on
  • If a student asks a question you intend to answer, try and repeat/summarise the question before answering it.  The microphone(s) won’t pick up a voice coming from an audience position
  • If your voice is being captured by a lectern microphone (rather than a lapel or area microphone for example) then be aware that straying away from the microphone may significantly impact the quality of the audio recording associated with the capture
  • Try not to use any language that you wouldn’t be happy having recorded
  • Try not to be disparaging or disrespectful of specific individuals or specific groups
  • Be aware, particularly at the end of a session, that if students come up to you to ask questions (or to talk to you) that they may be recorded if your microphone is still on and the system hasn’t reached its automatic recording stop point.  To avoid the possible need to edit your recording later, consider switching off your microphone or logging off from the lectern P.C. (if you aren’t in a hardware provisioned room) as soon as you have completed the part of the session you wish recorded.  Logging off from the lectern P.C. terminates the recording in non-hardware provisioned rooms (note that logging back in to the lectern P.C. will not re-start the recording however).  In hardware provisioned rooms be sure to switch off the microphone in these kinds of circumstances
  • Note that if you blank the projector screen using the room’s audio-visual controls during a session that is recording, what is happening on the computer screen will still be captured in the recording.  If you check your email during a break, for example, you may want to later edit this out of the recording

Other useful guides relating to the Replay Lecture Capture service:

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