Know your Blackboard Blog Types

From time to time we encounter a support request from a user around the topic of which type of blog would be best for a given purpose. The post will hopeful provide a little insight into their differences.

Within Blackboard an instructor can create one of three different types of blog, these are Course Blogs, Individual blogs and Group blogs a brief description of their differences are below.

  • Course Blogs: Only the Instructor can create a Course Blog. All Course members can add Blog entries and add comments to Blog entries.
  • Individual Blogs: Only the Instructor can create a Blog for individual Course members to use. Only the owner of the Blog is able to add Blog entries. All other Course members can view and add comments.
  • Group Blogs: If the Instructor enables the Blogs tool for the Group, all Group members can add Blog entries and make comments on Blog entries, building upon one another. Any Course member can view Group Blogs, but can only add comments. A Group Blog is different from a threaded discussion as each entry does not need to continue the discussion of the previous entry, but can be a complete thought on its own.

An instructor is able to edit and delete entries in any of these blog types and also delete user comments.

If what you need is a Blog with similar features as the ‘Individual’ blog but where the content of the posts is visible to only the individual student and instructors, Then you might want to consider using Blackboard Journals. The posts in a journal are not visible to other students.

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